GJ Consultation prides itself on devising high quality documents, assessments, structures and procedures and where required all are fully endorsed.

Do you know where you are with the overall H&S in your workplace? Can you measure your levels of compliance in regards to H&S legislation and guidance? Health and Safety inspections are a great way to see where the gaps are (if any) in terms of ensuring compliance.

H&S Inspections are a great way of identifying any gaps and can be completed monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or annually. Inspections are generally smaller than an audit and can be carried out as and when required or when a gap has been identified.

H&S Inspections are built bespoke to your to industry standards and focus on all relevant workplace legislation and guidance. Inspections can be devised and then carried out in house by one of your own seniors or we can attend your workplace and complete them for you. Full reports following an Inspection will be available so you can track your progress.




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