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First Aid, Fire Safety, Health and Safety and much more

Welcome to GJ Training & Consultation. We are here to meet the training needs of businesses across the South East, helping to keep their staff, visitors and workplaces safe.

From first aid training to fire awareness and evacuation training, our helpful, professional and informed team will ensure your staff gain a level of competence and understanding required. All our training is bespoke to the client, (although we also offer off the shelf generic sessions as well) and designed to keep all learners engaged and interested throughout the session, with lots of chances to participate.

With captivating presentation, and thorough coverage of all the content of the training, your staff will know what to do in an emergency, and know how to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place.

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What We Offer


First Aid

We have a wide range of first aid courses available, including the fully qualified 3 day first aid at work, emergency first aid, paediatric first aid, first aid refresher / re-qualifier, workshops and defibrillator training. We also carry out first aid training for families, groups of friends, schools, colleges, businesses and clubs.


Fire Safety

Ensuring your staff know what to do in the event of a fire is a vital part of workplace and business safety. Our fire safety courses and assessments cover general fire safety, current legislation, up to date UK guidance and specialist training for responsible persons, managers, evacuation and fire marshals / wardens.




Ensure your staff are fully aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities within the workplace to stay as safe as possible and remain compliant with all current and relevant legislation / guidance. Our H&S sessions are designed for all levels of staff from senior employees and maintenance personnel.



We offer a wide range of health and safety consultation for all small to medium sized businesses across the UK. Take a look at the H&S tab at the top of this page for further information. We offer consultation and advice on H&S compliance, systems, structures, risk management and accident investigations.



Why Choose Us?






We've been involved in health and safety training for over 15 years, and have experience working with individuals, charities, schools, colleges, nurseries, retail shops, childminders, care homes, nursing homes and large corporate organisations across the UK. Our consultation service has also supported many organisations to improve their overall standards of health and safety in order to be compliant and safe.





Our first aid sessions are fully accredited by the FAIB (First Aid Industry Body) and all trainers are fully qualified, experienced and are passionate about training. All first aid trainers are individually registered and GJ Training is a registered first aid training provider. 




Team training

Our teaching team have all the qualifications necessary to carry out health and safety training in Maidstone, Kent, Sussex and across the South of England. All trainers have gained NEBOSH qualifications that include the General Certificate (H&S), Diploma in Occupational H&S, fire risk and construction management. We also have trainers who have completed the FPA Advanced Fire Risk Assessment Qualification, Fire Risk Assessment Certification.




Bespoke sessions

All face to face training sessions are devised to be completely specific to your needs and wishes. We pride ourselves in delivering training to the highest quality and standards. 

Our sessions are full of interactive quizzes, images, videos, relevant scenarios, discussion points, group exercises and individual question papers. These are aimed to maximise participation, engagement and overall learning experience for all learners.



Variety and duration of courses

We offer face to face bespoke sessions, teams / zoom sessions, off the shelf generic sessions, blended learning sessions (this is a mix of classroom and on line training), PowerPoint training presentations and we are about to launch eLearning sessions (through our partners JONESjerrom eLearning). 


The duration of face to face courses or sessions is completely down to your needs and wishes and can last between 1 hour and 3 days (18 hours). Please note that HSE recognised first aid courses have a set duration for the completion of the course.



H&S Buddy Packages

We offer health and safety support to all small to medium sized businesses across the UK. The support offered could be just in the form of H&S documentation and check lists to risk assessments, guidance and audits, all geared to ensuring you are complying with current legislation and guidance. Packages range from basic documentation that you might need (Bronze package) to face to face and bespoke support with the added benefit of H&S training (Gold package). For an affordable monthly cost, all your H&S needs and wishes can be met with full and ongoing support.

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Face to Face Training

This training is traditionally the best method of training and incorporates delegates attending a classroom session with access to a power point presentation. Trainer and delegate interaction, group exercises and participation, open question and answer sessions are all included within this method of training. Training room venues are generally within your workplace although external independent venues can be sourced. 

Health and Safety Training Business in Maidstone


Blended Learning

This method of training incorporates both a mixture of face to face training and distance online / computer training. Distance learning has many positives such as being able to complete sessions and modules in the delegates own time and environment and training this way can still be measured through the use of course workbooks and exercises. Blended sessions can be a better way of learning for delegates.


PowerPoint Training Presentations

Training presentations are conducted through PowerPoint, allowing easy sharing with staff members. The content can be delivered either through a senior professional guiding the audience in a manner akin to an in-house classroom session, or individuals can independently review the slides as part of their personalized development program. These concise and versatile PowerPoint sessions are designed to support induction programs and complement any additional in-house training initiatives you may provide.


Core values

Above all, we want to make sure learners understand the content of the training, and are kept interested and engaged throughout the courses.

With this in mind, we always encourage participation, practical rehearsal where appropriate, and answer any questions trainees may have, so they leave with a great understanding of their subject and responsibilities.

 Health and Safety Training Business in Maidstone





"The course was really informative and fun and I learnt loads. The trainer was fantastic and this was the best first aid course I have ever been on." 



"The training was great and made me feel really confident in using an evacuation sledge in the future." 


"The trainer was very knowledgeable and the course really made me think about how I sit at my workstation and the risks to look out for."