Fire Safety Training In Maidstone

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As tragic historical incidents teach us, fire safety in the workplace is absolutely paramount. Each workplace has its own unique hazards, risks and dangers, which need to be assessed and considered, and having staff on site who know what to do in a fire emergency can save lives.

GJ Training & Consultation provides fire safety training in Maidstone and throughout the South East, enabling businesses to keep their staff and workplaces safe. Contact us to book your fire safety training by emailing us on




Fire Safety Training

What We Offer


We provide a range of fire safety training in Maidstone and across the South East, so that your staff will know what to do to prevent emergencies, and also know how to protect your workplace from fire.

We also have a range of courses that help you document and keep records on fire safety, so any health and safety inspection will see that your business is compliant and takes its fire safety seriously.