H&S Consultation

As part of our service in staff training in Maidstone, we provide a range of other training and consultative services for businesses to ensure they meet all their health and safety obligations.


H&S Audits

H&S Audits are devised and carried out to measure where you are with H&S compliance.   more  

Accident & Incident Management Structures

Accident and incident investigating is very important and required for any workplace.   more  

Risk Assessments & Structures

Effective risk assessments are essential within a safe workplace and we can help you with yours.   more  

H&S Inspections

H&S Inspections are a must for all workplaces to identify any gaps in compliance..   more  

Fire Strategies & Evacuation Plans

Fire strategies and evacuation plans is essential in any workplace.   more  

COSHH Management Systems

This is a very popular course for companies that employee domestic staff.   more  

H&S Policies

H&S Policies bespoke to your workplace and fully compliant with workplace legislation.  more  

Fire Procedures and Documentation

You can ask for us to perform planned or unannounced inspections.  more  

H&S Management of Documentation

We carry out a large number of risk assessments for our customers, ensure compliance with legislation and good practice guidelines.  more